The Magician

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well, and enjoyed your weekend. It was a busy one at our house, but our favorite football team won, so it ended on a perfect note. Halloween is literally days away now, so I’d like to explore another of our character traits in a character all of us play in life, especially us Mums.

The Magician. Life throws us lemons and then we make lemonade. That’s for amateurs in my opinion… for Mothers all over the world, we can take pieces of our heart and create a human being.. now how’s that for magic?

I have played magician very well as a Mum. I have made bad colds disappear, turned heartache to happiness, and have made money multiply to allow my son the safety, happiness, and adventure every child deserves. I didn’t need a top hat, magical wand, or a furry bunny to complete all of that either. I just needed hope, because even the littlest bit of hope in the darkest of times shows us a path we didn’t think possible. All real magic has hope, and all hope is possible.

So like magicians, we mothers commence in our hearts with an impossible idea, find ways to execute it, and if impossible solutions or that impossible idea fails, we then begin our search for other ways to make the impractical possible. Just when all may seem lost, we add a bit of hope into the mixture and then that’s when the real magic begins.

George Washington Carver once said, “where there is no vision there is no hope.” As people we can either choose to be extraordinary, or follow the crowd of dull. We can choose to be leaders of the impossible and make those dreams into tangible things, or we can stand back and let failure take us over. I for one, choose to make the impossible possible, as my son has shown me that all fear can be overcome, and hope is the heart of all magic we each have inside of us, all we have to do to use it, is believe.

On September 21,1912 in Berlin, Germany, Harry Houdini, one of the worlds greatest magicians, escaped the Chinese Water Torture Chamber. He escaped without drowning, suffocating, and beat becoming delirious. So let us to, beat suffocation of those who say we can’t, let’s escape life without drowning in what we think is impossible, and let us escape ourselves and the torture that trying to fit in the world can bring. Let us be more than optimistic, let us be hopeful, and let that magic work itself true..

I wish you all dear friends, a magical Monday filled with much hope and wonder, along with the drive to make your dreams come true no matter how small you may think they are, or how impossible they seem to someone else.

Much love,

Belle ❤️