The Villian

☠️Hi y’all,

As we approach Halloween, I’d like to end this week, and begin next week, by exploring characters, to real life people we all play at times. Today I’m starting with the Villain…

Some of my favorite fictional villains are: the Evil Queen in Sleeping Beauty, King John from Robin Hood,the Joker in Batman, and my ultimate favorite, the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus. However big or small, the villain role I can sometimes play in my life, is mom.

As a mother you have to teach your children that tantrums aren’t ok, they cannot touch everything, they cannot cry if mummy can not afford a toy they want, and they cannot hit or bite, along with many other things as they mature. For example, I started using the word “no” with my son as early as 5 months. His teething was the worst then as he literally bit everything and everyone. I had to tell him gently not to bite. When our children are as young as babies and toddlers, “no” is almost heartbreaking to use, yet it is necessary. If you don’t say “no” and play the villain at times being a parent, your children become adults who are accustomed to this my way or the highway lifestyle that doesn’t help them succeed in the real world.

Villains are often thought of as bad, but everyone at some point has to use force to stop the bad, and then the story becomes different. If women weren’t villains, we’d still be unable to vote, work, and in some places we wouldn’t even be allowed to drive. If bosses weren’t villains at times corporations wouldn’t succeed, and if we said “yes” to everything, we’d be the villain to our own true selves wouldn’t we? You can’t waste your life breaking yourself into pieces. So my advice isn’t to be bad, it’s to understand to achieve the greater good sometimes we have to play the part that no one wants to. Sometimes people don’t want a hero they need a villain. Start using your gut and become the greater person you’re meant to be, even when life’s lemons are too sour too use.

So thank you to all the advocates out there, military, and other civilians, playing the villain roles at times, for our safety, livelihood, and rights. Without you, we’d be lost in a world where real bad people would only exist….

Today, is wish you all the strength to do what’s right for yourselves, your families, your children, your pets, and the world. Good always wins, even if the part we play to get there isn’t. See you all on Monday.

Much love,

Belle ❤️