Hunters moon

Good morning everyone,

If you’re not in my time zone simply hello! I apologize I wasn’t posting yesterday. I had some dental work to be specific and that can be a doozy…

Today’s post is about the moon. As a young girl I often wondered what the moon’s purpose was, and as a teenager, I took Bruno Mars’ advice and often sang and felt like I was talking to the moon when I felt alone. As an adult I appreciate the light it provides and the beauty and wonder it allows the night to capture.

National Geographic named October’s moon after the harvest moon, the hunters moon. With Halloween getting closer and closer, I feel that having a moon with such an epic name shares a story. We are all hunters in a way. We hunt for food, for love, for acceptance. On Halloween, children will hunt for candy, and fun. For generations, Native American tribes hunted hut did not waste what they hunted for. So today let’s reflect on what we hunger for, what we need, and let’s think about what we will do when we achieve our goals? Once we figure out what we need against what we desire life becomes more fulfilled.

Like the peoples of the past, we want to make sure once we hunt, we do not waste what we have caught. For me, I hunt for my family, to forever ensure their peace and safety. Now this will be for me a lifelong hunt, but I am up for the challenge.

Tonight, if you can, look up at the hunters moon, and let its light ignite a fire in you to hunt for good in your life, not just for yourself, but for the entire world. Just sending out good vibes into the universe can cause a major change..

Today I wish for you all, moonlight to shine hope on your hearts, and pure thoughts throughout your mind and spirit.

Much love,

Belle ❤️