My Grandma’s Pumpkin 🎃

As we are counting down so quickly to Halloween , we must celebrate the family who helped us get to those ghostly traditions and Frankenstein food… so today I remember my Grandmother.

My grandmother on my mother’s side was alive most of my life, so she and I were extremely close. We shared secrets, jokes, makeup, and just about everything and anything a grandmother and her grandchild can share. She was strong, brave, talented, and a comical woman, who wanted the best in life for everyone. Up until her last breath, she was always thinking of others and mothering everyone around her. I admired her and loved her very much..

Each and every Halloween, I tricked or treated at my grandmother’s house. As she grew older, she would trick or treat at my house, and when I was old enough to drive, I would bring her a bag of good candy, and spend time with her, before heading to a costume event. She loved Reese’s chocolates they were her favorite. Those memories are still so special to me. She would dress up in costume, watch movies with me, give out really good candy, and if it was cold enough, we’d drink hot chocolate together, as I didn’t take to coffee until I had my son, for the intense need for caffeine 😝

Halloween always mentions those who have lived once but are no more. Well, I feel Halloween is the perfect time to keep those who have moved on to their next adventure, ALIVE in our hearts and bring them to life in our ghoulish traditions, while making light of pain of them being gone.

Pictured here is my grandmother’s Halloween pumpkin. She had it as a decoration every Halloween for as long as I can remember, and I am still using it today. It serves at my house as a Halloween decoration, but also as one of my son’s favorite outdoor toys. It’s a win win, and a way to keep my grandmother a part of my Halloween, along with a bag of Reese’s.. Just because someone isn’t there, doesn’t mean they can’t be in memory and celebration…

RIP to one of my best friends you are forever loved, missed, but still alive in my heart and always will be. Happy Halloween. I hope heaven has a lot of chocolate for you!

Today I hope you can all remember those who are not here and keep them alive always in your heart. They’re always with you, even if you can’t see them.

Much love always,

Belle ❤️ 🍫