To Read or Not to Read?

Hello everyone,

And welcome to Monday! I hope you all spent the weekend well. I wanted to begin by thanking each of you, for finding me interesting and insightful enough to follow my blog. As a first time blogger this is such an honor to have followers whom I may know and ones I may not, support my cause. I put a lot of thought into what I want to say, so thank you for being here..

Now on to today’s topic. It’s pretty elementary, but as a person and as a mum, I find it so very significant. Reading. As a little one, my mother always read to me. She also wrote stories that fascinated me, and was a great storyteller. Whether, I was given my afternoon or bedtime story, reading was a part of my life at a young age. Then, as I grew older, I became intrigued by Charles Dickens, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, and my dear old kindred spirit William Shakespeare… it is he who gave my husband and I something to talk about when we first me..

Unfortunately, I feel that reading has become so obsolete… Never in a million years, would I ever imagine a world where people didn’t pick up a good book every once in a while, but here we are ending 2018, and technology and its media, which isn’t always smart, has taken over creativity, and spaces that used to help us all feel free.

Why books are important:

They teach us

They inform us

They help us escape

They help us not feel alone

They allow us to be creative

They allow us to be who we are without remorse

They can bring healing

They can end a boredom

They can bring excitement

They are links to the past and future

They are links to worlds of the known and unknown

They are necessary

I know google is great, and I am guilty of being a frequent web search engine user myself, but sometimes I just like to look at a book, pick it up, and endulge. Now as a parent there time doesn’t always allot for this, but when time comes, I take advantage..

Here are some of my favorite children’s books authors :

Eric Carl

Margaret Wise Brown

E.B White

J.K Rowling

Sr. Seuss

Crockett Johnson

I could spend all day naming my favorite writers for little ones and adults all around, but there simply isn’t enough time. You can start small and get a magazine. That’s a physical read. Anything that’s tangible and readable is what I recommend… not the kindle versions it’s not the same thing to me. Parents read to your children no matter how small they will love it and learn by it.. it’s so important to instill good habits to our little ones as early as birth…

So today I wish for you all to remember your creativity, and reach for more than the stars…

Much love,

Belle ❤️