Why Mothers 🤱🏽🤱🏻🤱🏼🤱🏾🤱🏿🤱don’t give a Hoot 🦉 about your 💩

Happy Friday everyone!

Have you ever met people who complain about things that are not even on your list of life priorities? Or have you overheard conversations that were appalling to you? Well if you’re a mom times that by 10… EVERYDAY.. So today, I’d like to dedicate this blog and acknowledge my fellow mothers and all the crap we have to listen to from others, after the exhaustion and countless emotions and changes motherhood brings…

As a person I have experienced much, but as a mother I have been through even more than that. Nothing in this world compares to being a parent. Everything you thought you knew, all the feelings you thought you’ve accepted, dissipates once you hold your little ones in your arms.. sometimes it even begins once you are aware that you are expecting…this is why most mothers when hearing what others are upset about, don’t give a hoot. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about humanity, it just means after creating and now raising a human, well you’re a little ahead of the life game, and don’t care about what you used to care about, even when others still do.

You see things differently, have more empathy for the world, and don’t let much hang on your back anymore. Mothers aren’t invincible to pain, but we are to a lot more than the average person.

Let’s begin here ..

Complaints that personally irk me and most moms :

Someone gave me the wrong coffee

I’m fat

I only got 6 hours of sleep last night

I’m exhausted from the party I went to

My boyfriends annoying me

I get lonely

I never have time to do anything

Here’s why :

The answers to the examples

at least you had your morning coffee and a chance to get it

Mommy weight sucks to get rid of so I don’t want to hear how your skinny butt needs to loose 5lbs

You slept Uninterrupted for more than an hour ? I don’t remember what that is..

I’m Exhausted from raising the next super hero

Annoying? Don’t get me started on annoying

You actually have ALONE TIME ?😱

That’s the funniest.. you never have time ?

While every person is different, a good mother begins her journey at pregnancy. So next time you see a mother, don’t add to her load, and trust me she doesn’t care enough to add to yours, and she has more important things to complain about. Now don’t get me wrong, mothers aren’t the only ones with problems and everyone’s deserving of complaining every so often, just not every second or everyday…

So today and everyday challenge yourself to be situational like I am, and allow important situations to take precedence over minuscule ones…let’s all think before we speak. See you all on Monday ! Xx xx 💋

Today I wish for you a weekend filled with more laughter and less poop parent or not.

Much love,

Belle ❤️