Say sorry

Hey y’all,

Today I want to discuss the importance of saying “I’m sorry.” This small phrase has such a strong impact and saying it, just as much as accepting one, is both influential and scary at the same time… Since Fall is the season that reminds us to “give thanks,” I thought this should be talked about today, as this saying helps us become better parents and better people.

As a child most of us are taught, children are usually wrong, while the adults are usually right. As you become older, you realize that’s not always the case. Most children see their parents and other elders as individuals with little or no flaws, and that’s something every adult should be sorry for.

No one is perfect, and especially as parents we definitely are not. Whether your child is 35, or 3, you are still likely to make mistakes, say things you don’t mean at times, and act out of character, and this is when it’s of utmost importance to say to your children, “I love you and I’m sorry.”

Parents, today, make it a point to tell your sons and daughters how much they mean to you, and tell them you’re sorry if anything you ever said or did hurt them, ( past or present) because without the sincerity and love from you at these moments, pain that your actions or words may have caused, could scar them forever, if not given a sincere apology. My son is still too young to completely understand the depth of the phrase, but he does get what an I’m sorry is, so if he can, we all can to.

All of you who aren’t parents remember sorry is just as important for you to. Reach out to those you love and apologize today for what hurt you may have caused them. A genuine “I’m sorry,” is forever instilled in someone’s heart, and that’s something to be thankful for. Life is way to short to hold grudges, and even shorter when you can’t take a look in the mirror at yourself, and realize you’re not the only one in need of an apology.. so today take a deeper second look at yourself. Look inside, and fix the wrongs and make them right. I think that’s the perfect way to start off the second day of our week.

As the writer of this blog, I’ll start.

  1. I’m sorry to my son, for mornings I’m like a zombie, because I didn’t get my morning coffee .
  2. I’m sorry to husband for not saying I love you as much as I should.
  3. I apologize if anyone reading this blog thinks I have all the Mommy, people, and life answers. I do not. I’m still learning myself…I just love helping people using what I know and what I’ve personally experienced in life..
  4. I also apologize to myself, for not cutting myself some slack. Being human is hard, being a parent is HARDER and we all need to give ourselves the slack we deserve, when the right opportunities present themselves..

Now your turn..Good luck

I wish you all a day of forgiveness, and reflection. As this will all bring you the clarity you deserve.

Much love,

Belle ❤️