Laughter laughter

Happy Monday everyone ,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I want to explain the importance of laughter. Both as a parent and a person, I have learned that besides sleep, laughter is one of the most important keys to a good day.

All days start differently. Some with simplicity, while others deem themselves relevant in chaos, intolerable situations, and some with sadness. Yet, laughter seems to lift everything away, and create a world made just for you, when you need it most. As a mom I have had food on my clothes, sippy cup spills on the floor, random baby boogers on my hands that I had no idea where they came from, along with smeared red lipstick on my face in public, because my toddler thought it was funny to flip mommy’s hair on her face.. also no one told me I had the lipstick on my face by the way… not even the individuals with me.

These are just small instances that happen in mommy-hood on a regular day basis… including so many others… It’s in these mummy moments, and life’s situations that suck and cause embarrassment and other negative feelings, I find comfort in laughter.

For example, last night was the best laugh I had in a long time…. My husband and I, after being up all night and day with our teething toddler, were putting him to bed FINALLY and THEN we hear a noise coming from where he is supposed to be sleeping… it gets louder and louder, while we become more creeped out, only to find, the noise was my son, full fledged laughing in his sleep. Startled and confused we both bursted out into laughter that almost caused tears. These are the moments I live for, that smeared lipstick in public, cannot begin to compare to.

So today, in all you do, in every situation you are dealt with, just laugh.


When the bank has an unauthorized user taking all your money:

Imagine you’re Robin Hood, breathe and know you’ll get it back along with good karma !

When your kids make a mess:

Think about what kind of Halloween creature the mess can resemble

When someone says something mean to you:

Picture them as a talking toad with a Charlie Chaplin face

When you are running late:

Imagine your Indiana Jones running late because of a huge wall of bananas blocking your way

When you’re sad:

Imagine your sadness as counting sheep and count each one of those sheep to the Serta mattress store..

Corny I know but remember mind over matter works. Whatever makes you laugh, say it, think it, envision it, and engulf yourself in a good laugh today, that is at no ones expense.

Today I wish you all a good laugh.

Much love,

Belle ❤️