The art of Focus

How does one get from the darkness and into the light? For me, it’s a method I use pretty often; FOCUS. We’ve discussed this week all of my personal rules for empowerment, and focus is my final pathway to self healing and moving forward.

When you take a picture using a camera, or a cellphone, if the sun is on someone’s face, or it’s took dark, what do you do? You adjust the settings and find new ways to take the picture and make it right. Am I right ? This is what life is about. Sometimes real bad things happen that cause us so much pain, that we have no answers no solutions to our problems, and we are left in ourselves at a time when we’re not ourselves.. this is when we simply need to adjust and focus along with re focusing.

When you feel alone, know you’re not, when life rains on your parade, know it can’t rain forever, and when darkness tries to consume you, know your rights and acknowledge your self and remember that you will succeed.

Sometimes life doesn’t give us lemons to make lemonade, and that is when we need to find new innovative ways and spiritual ideas to make something new and unique that will fit our life needs.

You can start by remembering to focus on the positive when you’re in the dark. Boy is that hard to do, I know from experience, BUT it’s not impossible. I can promise you that. If you have it bad, someone has it worse, and though that’s not a consolation, it’s a reminder that everyone is hurting. Some are just better hiding it than others.

You’re bright, you’re beautiful, and you’re needed in this world. Don’t ever forget that.

Today I wish you all a happy Friday, and a laughter filled weekend. Laughter is truly one of the world’s best medicines. See you Monday

Much love,

Belle ❤️