Pumpkins,Corn Mazes, and Hayrides OH MY 😱

Let’s get right to it, and dive straight into my favorite fall activities!Growing up as a country gal, I LOVED and still LOVE farm fun. Farms have fresh foods, easy going non expensive fun, along with so many fall festivals! Shown here are our family pumpkins, two are from our local farm festivals, while the other was home grown. Go ahead and take a guess at which one was from home. There is one for each of my children, who will always be mommy’s little pumpkins.

Each October it has been a tradition for our family to go pumpkin picking, get lost in a corn maze, and go on a hayride.( scary and or non scary) These activities mean so much to me, as we never missed a year, and each year brings more laughs and memories…

So let’s talk pumpkin picking. If you’ve never been but adore the great outdoors like I do, this is a great activity for you and your loved ones during the fall season. First, pick a farm that fits your needs.

How I pick a farm: must haves for me are:

🎃A bathroom with a changing table

( if you have children in diapers not every farm has a bathroom and not every bathroom has a changing table )

🎃 Food and drink 💧

( after picking the great pumpkin, if you’re like me and have a little one on a schedule you’ll need to eat and quench your thirst unless you don’t mind packing your own lunch )


( most farms have calendars that include family activities , various festivals, and animals to keep you enjoying each season )

🎃BIG or small

(Depending on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend, some farms are big enough to be their own world, while others are just enough as they are)

*Once you’ve made your checklist, it’s on to the pumpkin search. Some farms have hayrides that take you to your destination. While others offer the pumpkin patch but no hayride. Personally I love the hayride as it adds to the excitement of it all.

Now that you’ve been on a hayride or walkthrough and have your treasures, it’s on to the corn maze. While I can’t pinpoint why people and people like me alike, purposefully pay to get lost in a maze of corn stalks, , I can tell you from experience it’s so much fun! It’s a building exercise, a time to work as a team, or relax yourself if you’re going solo, and just a good old time!

What to know about corn mazes :

🌽 Some are easy

🌽 Some are super hard

🌽Daytime ones are usually for the family

🌽 Nighttime ones are usually for the brave and ready to be scared

🌽 Yes it’s real corn

🌽 Please don’t eat it lol

I’ve been visiting farms ( during all seasons ) for the past 28 years, so I would say I’m quite the expert on visiting one. I also used to raise my own chickens at a time, and have helped feed, groom, and care for farm animals. So my last tidbits are what people should know before going to a farm:

🐓 Cash or credit- hardly anyone carries cash these days, but most farms are old school so know if you need the green

🐄 Wear comfortable shoes and clothes or things you wouldn’t be upset getting hay or dirt on…remember you’re going to a FARM not fashion week…though modern day farm attire can be quite chic

🐎 Check the weather for the night before and day of as you’ll want to know if it’s yucky or not I like attending farms on nice days if I can

🐑 Ask what’s going on at the farm…if you have little ones I advise going earlier in the day so they don’t have too many crowds ..

🐖 Feel free to ask questions before you go and while you’re there . Farm experts and workers are more than happy to help you figure out suitable times to visit, seasonal activities and goodies, along with helping newcomers feel welcome.

First timer or not, farms are a magical place.

Today I wish for you to find wonder in simplicity, and of course to find your great pumpkin.

Much love,

Belle ❤️