Hi everyone,

Today I would like to talk about growth. Everything grows, so why is it so hard at times to grow when it pertains to certain aspects of ourselves? As there are so many answers to this, for me, I believe that the main factors are self sabotage and sometimes selfishness.

We are our worst critics, and this holds us back from evolving into the people we are supposed to be. Sometimes we don’t even recognize the signs, or realize we are the ones keeping ourselves from being happy.

For example, why do people hate Mondays so much and love Fridays? All they are are just days of the week, like the other five. Yes, most individuals start their work week on a Monday, and begin their weekend on a Friday afternoon, but this isn’t the case for everyone. That being said, most people still dread Mondays, but it’s not as universal as we believe.

Growth comes from within, but it is the most difficult part of being human. Sometimes growth even comes with growing apart from those we love who are toxic for us, as well as old lifestyles that don’t quite fit anymore. As creatures of habit, we tend to become complacent with ourselves, with our lives, and with our mindsets. However, picture a life where you give yourself challenges, force yourself to be more positive, and keep an open mind. Wouldn’t that make for a better life? Even for me at times it is easier said than done, but I know it’s not impossible.

My first two rules of empowerment are prayer and purpose, while growth is the third. Once you find out how important prayer is, you can find a greater purpose in your life, and then you can grow. You cannot be a better person, Christian, spouse, friend, or parent without change, so don’t get too comfortable in your own skin just yet, until you are positive you’re better than you were yesterday.

So today, I remind you, that no matter how old you are, what your mindset is, or how you feel, better all of the things that will bring you down today, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Better your attitude, seek comfort in good life things, and ask yourself to do right always even when others won’t.

Today I wish for you a healthy happy adventure filled with a new outlook of yourself that you can be proud of.

From my heart to yours..

Much love,