I don’t know how she does it 👠 💄

Since the beginning of time, women have been able to achieve what was once impossible. We have transformed from a time where we could only be ” a wife ” to so much more than that.

Here are some examples of exceptional women of our time and maybe a little before it:

500 BCE Sappho was one of the first women writers

69 BCE Cleopatra ruled Egypt

1797 Sojourner Truth, was born and became one of the first African American Abolitionist and civil rights activist

1915 Billie Holiday was born and became the First Lady of blues and jazz music

1921 Edith Wharton is awarded the Pulitzer Prize

1928 Amelia Earhart crosses the Atlantic in an airplane

1954 Oprah Winfrey was born. She became one of the most well known talk show hosts, as well as a great humanitarian. Who doesn’t love Oprah ???

1977 Judith Guthrie drives in the Indie 500

1981 Sandra Day O’Connor joins the Supreme Court

2009 Sonya Sotomayor was nominated and later elected to the Supreme Court

2010 Kathryn Bigelow wins an Oscar for best director

Now these women are not the only women being heroic, inspirational, and courageous.. Some of the most influential individuals are simple people like you and me. Some of those women bare children, work as a police officer, Baker, or even become a teacher … to name a few examples . The women named by birth name or profession example, are just small indications of what women are STILL capable of and what we have evolved into throughout the years.

The question here today is how does she do it? Well each woman has a unique reason for what drives them, and it all stems from the heart.

A cold hearted person could never accomplish half of the things us women can accomplish, because being fake, inconsiderate, and inconsistent, take you places that you don’t want to be; they don’t bring you to the top.

So how does she do it? A woman must put God first, do all she does for good and for her family, while helping others in need. Only then can a woman truly achieve greatness, and make waves strong enough to reach those who come after them.

This all leads me into my second step of empowerment, purpose . Prayer first, purpose second. As women, we are constantly thinking and doing, but why do we think so much? Why do we do so much? What is our purpose ? As people not just women, we can ask ourselves these things as well, just to see where it leads us.

Now I’m not saying that men haven’t or can’t accomplish what we can, I’m just taking the time to admire the women who bore and raised those men and women, along with the women whose significance made me into the woman, I continue to choose to be today.

So to my fellow people, find purpose and life in all you do, and stay positively empowered…

Today I wish you all courage to fight the good fights wherever you see fit..

Special thanks to : My mom, both my grandmothers RIP, and best friend for influencing my life and encouraging the me I am.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

PS See you all on Monday ! Have a great weekend