Halloween movie classics !

I wanted to share with you all Halloween movies , that my parents, husband, and now children watch with us, during the Halloween season! However, if the movie is too scary, best believe my little ones are in bed way before the television gets turned on! Watching movies with family can be a great bonding experience. It gives your family something to do, enjoy, and afterwards talk about or debate about.

For me horror movies must be able to chill me to the bone without grossing me out, and family Halloween movies must have substance, lessons, and laughs. So here are my top movie picks for Halloween.


  • House on haunted hill 1959
  • The house of usher 1960
  • The raven 1963 ( yes to this as I Love Poe)
  • Night of the living dead 1968
  • The exorcist 1973
  • Carrie 1976
  • Halloween 1978
  • The shining 1980
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 ( still gives me nightmares )
  • Sleepy Hollow 1999
  • The phantom of the opera (2004)
  • The conjuring 2013 ( super creepy)

Family movies

  • Edward scissorhands 1990
  • The nightmare before Christmas 1993
  • Hocus Pocus 1993 ( favorite movie of all time)
  • Casper 1995
  • Halloweentown 1998
  • Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone 2001
  • The haunted mansion 2003
  • The little vampire 2010
  • Hotel translyvania 2012

Also happy 25th anniversary to my favorite Halloween movie !

Hats 🎩 off to you all!

Tonight I wish you all rest,

Much love,

Belle ❤️