Fall fun🍁on a Mommy Budget 💵

As a Mummy, every second my little one is awake is pretty much play time. When he’s not eating or sleeping it’s GO time, so here are my suggestions for fall fun for the family that won’t break the bank :

  1. Family walks -these are the best as the entire family gets exercise while getting effortless time together
  2. Pumpkin and apple picking – who doesn’t like a farm in the fall? As a country gal this is family tradition
  3. Fall finger painting and play do structures -depending on how old your little one is this can be really fun
  4. Fall baking – my suggestions apple, pumpkin, sweet potato pie ?
  5. Boo bags – taught to me by my old intern boss turned forever friend, get a bag it doesn’t have to be expensive, and fill it with goodies for your children, friend, love, ect.. but it has to be in secret as no one can know the boo bag makers identity.
  6. Leave pile throw – before the leaves are really raked, make a pile of them to jump in, throw them in the air, and sometimes at each other safely.. it’s like a snowball fight just with leaves
  7. Picnics – pack a healthy lunch and go to the local park for a few hours.
  8. Help local charities -October is breast cancer awareness month . Donate, volunteer and participate in events in your area
  9. Send homemade cards to local children’s hospitals .. my son was in the hospital last Halloween and it was devastating not to be home and in costume.. this heartfelt activity helps your family be empathetic and giving to others in need.. to lift the spirits of those who’s spirits might need lifting
  10. Campfire– if you have a fire pit, or are visiting another, this is always a blast. Make sure to bring your marshmallows !
  11. Write your own Halloween stories to tell
  12. Write your own halloween songs to sing
  13. Go outside photo shoot with your family as fall provides the best sceneries
  14. Send thank you cards homemade to those you love
  15. Pine cone bird feeder for those birds that will be flying south for the winter make them a yummy treat
  16. Make homemade apple tea ( contact me for my special recipe )
  17. Have movie night
  18. Carve pumpkins
  19. Cook homemade pumpkin seeds with the seeds from your newly carved pumpkin
  20. Make trail mix I have many recipes for this, and it’s a fun and healthy way to do something together !

Today I wish you all a relaxed Thursday as the fun weekend approaches!

Much love ,

Belle ❤️