Fall is the perfect time for falling in love, but what exactly is LOVE? Love to many is so many things and feelings, that I don’t think you can pin point it as just one meaning. For me, love is a feeling so strong your heart just wants to burst joy into the atmosphere at lightening speed. While I have loved many things and many people, true love began with the man I married.

Today, I dedicate my blog to LOVE, and my wonderful husband, who has shown me and still reminds me what is means to love.

My hubby is an amazing person, and exceptional father, and even in times where we both drove one another crazy the love is still here. Watching him become the dad he is every day, allows my love for him to grow in a way I didn’t even know was possible. That is such a wonderful feeling, and I cherish it, as there are so many men who choose to be selfish and not be a part of their little ones lives. For those men who are wonderful fathers, thank you for helping the children of the world know love.

I met my husband two days before my birthday, on a cold fall night. Although we stood just friends for a few months, our relationship grew rapidly into love. Being married to my husband has taught me about myself, as I am best with him. I can be an impatient, impulsive, and sometimes an unsure of myself woman. Yet with him, I am patient, relaxed, and pretty darn sure of where I want to be in all aspects of life. Thank you my love, for showing me how to love and how to accept love. Love when it’s right for you is simply wonderful.

There are so many kinds of love, that everyone gets to have it even if they haven’t realized it, as the greatest love comes when loving yourself. In my experiences, you cannot love, nor accept love, if you don’t have love for the person that is you.

Here is what the definition of states :

I agree with most of what this says, but I would like to add, that like the Bible says, ” love is patient, love is kind..,” as without patience and kindness, love will find it hard to succeed. Also, I would like to add that love does not allow unfaithfulness, abuse, dishonestly, or bad intentions, as these things no matter how small will taint even the purest of marriages, and or relationships where love is present.

Don’t be afraid to FALL in love, because when it’s genuine, it’s amazing, and appeals to all senses. Today, I challenge you to love yourself, and if you’re not sure how, begin with simply telling yourself “I love you.” I also advise you today to reach out to those you love and tell them that you love them and why. Life is short to selfishly hold on to your heart’s feelings.

Today I wish you Love, in all the ways you need and deserve it.

Much love,

Belle ❤️