Trick or treats ?

I love a little trick now and then followed by a lot of treats! I have been known throughout the years for my great and simple pranks, along with my exceptional kitchen concoctions, so to have a season where I can do both is great! Thank you halloween. 🤩

In today’s blog I will share my favorite tricks and treats. They are simple enough that even a first timer can accomplish them with flying colors .. or should I say flying brooms ? 🤪 I hope you enjoy them, and let me know if you try them.

Please keep in mind allergy issues, and conditions individuals have, before performing a prank, or offering a treat. It’s fun to trick or treat, but it’s more beneficial to be mindful of others.

Other than that, please enjoy, and share with me your funniest pranks and yummiest Halloween treats.

Now for the TRICKS

Shaving cream 🍥

Seen on America’s funniest Home Videos, when I was younger, my mom helped me put shaving cream on my dads extended hand while he was sleeping. The idea of this prank, is to have a sleeping person and in the palm of their hand put shaving cream in it. Then with a feather tickle them, and BAM cream on face. A classic trick, and it usually works pretty well. Sorry dad this is still funny. 😂

Bathroom spiders 🕷

Well my hubby is deathly afraid of spiders, but he isn’t phobic, so this one was easy. I bought two gigantic tarantula looking spiders and placed them on the bathroom sink. So basically when my hubby turned on the light at night to go to the bathroom, he saw Harry and Henry! Yes I named the spiders.. it was great and we didn’t even wake the baby with his scream. This was a trick and treat all in one!

Clown 🤡

This trick was actually played on me. It was a Halloween event that brought my bff, mom, and I to a nearby town to get scared at an old prison. They had all types of scarers outside the place haunting visitors like us, while you anxiously waited in line. This is when my mom somehow got the scariest ugliest clown to stand behind me .. I was chatting away with my bff in line, as I felt a breath on my neck.. I turned around and a 6 foot clown was grinning his sharp teeth at me. Needless to say I was scared 😱 but this trick I got to hand to my mom. It was simple and it was spooky!

Now for the TREATS 🍭

Popcorn hand 🍿

Get a see through plastic glove , fill it with popcorn, tie it up and viola . You have a monster popcorn hand! Who doesn’t love popcorn ?

Veggie pumpkin 🎃

Another easy treat is the veggie pumpkin. Use veggies to shape a pumpkin for guests to eat. Various veggies have been used so it doesn’t matter what veggies you decide to use just use what you like..It goes fast, so take a picture before serving..

Witches hat

Buy Oreos, Hershey kisses , and some icing of your choice. Put a kiss on top of each Oreo cookie and use the icing as a hat rim. And then display, photo, and eat ! Yummy!!!

I wish you all a day filled with more treats than tricks!

Much love,

Belle ❤️