Just a little Hocus Pocus ?Halloween While Christian ✝️ 🎃

Happy October 1st everyone and welcome to my first official Halloween blog, but I hope not my last ! Out of all the holidays growing up, Halloween was always my favorite. It was a time when my family and I were able to enjoy the joys of being a family and act like silly children. As most people say Christmas, I say Halloween first, as Christmas to me is an entire season, not just a holiday. However, I know for most people it would come as a shock that a devout Christian like me would participate in Halloween … but I do..

Halloween for me isn’t pagan related, it’s SNICKERS /candy corn/ chocolate related. It isn’t about worshiping evil or playing with black magic, it’s simply about dressing up in unique family themed costumes, eating candy, and celebrating fall, as it’s one of my favorite times of year! It’s a season when the leaves are changing color, the colder air saves me money on my electricity bill, and after prayer and or church, Sunday’s have football again! Fall starts an extra season of so many things to be thankful for, beginning with Halloween.

If it makes me less of a person of faith, to indulge in a little more chocolate and buy my son and doggie a costume, well that’s just an opinion of someone closed minded. Nonetheless as people may judge my views, I don’t judge theirs, because as a spiritual person God wouldn’t like that, and I rather respect how people feel on this then argue. Halloween and all of October’s indulgences for me, are about family. Laughter and love were God created, and our lord is fun, kind, and creative, so I’m sure he doesn’t mind my point of view, as it doesn’t harm a fly.

Now as a Christian. I don’t recommend ghost hunting, disturbing the dead, conjuring evil or unknown of any type. I myself never ever will. I do recommend, however, thanking the Lord for your family, invite him always everywhere you go, and if you decide to take your little ones trick or treating, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check their candy, and always pray before eating any goodies or anything at all.

So can a Christian Mommy, be a Halloweeny Mummy? Absolutely, as long as what you partake in is harmless and appropriate. To all my fellow Halloweeners , and their little ghouls and goblins, let’s begin a safe, fun filled, and sometimes goodie filled holiday season! Eat candy and be scary but not too scary…… 🧟‍♀️ Kick off starts now !

I wish you all a Happy

Monster Mash Monday.

Much love,

Belle 🧡