Parent or Person?

The moment you find out you are going to become a parent, everyone loves to tell you about how you are no longer going to have your own identity. While in some ways this can be true, parenting isn’t about loosing yourself it is about finding yourself .

In my personal experience, I worked for over sixteen years with children from two years old up until adulthood, or age twenty one. Each child was unique. Unfortunately some were medically labeled, while others just had a bad break. Some of the children I worked with had a perfectly picturesque life, while others didn’t seem to find a fit in theirs yet, to inspire purity and goodness in times of dim light. This is just one of the amazing things children do… they change you for the better.

My biological children, and my fur baby alike, have evolved me into a more patient , faith filled person. My person before them was hardly patient, and I had faith but it wasn’t strong. My little ones taught me how to trust in God with my whole being, while showing me that love is truly patient and kind ..

Adulthood is supposed to be all about growing and changing and maturing, so why does the world make it seem that these things only happen when you become a parent ? Well they shouldn’t. To become a better person individually you have to work on these things every day, so that when you become a parent you can appreciate them more.

So today choose your family, not just parent or person, as you are your family and your family is you. Instead of letting those NAY SAYERS get into your head and share stupidities of what you loose as a parent and a person, listen to me and think of all you can gain.

Today I wish you all encouragement to be kind and gentle to yourself, as we often are our worst critics. Life is too short to be stuck in someone else’s stupid.

Much love,