God& My Best Friend

When I was younger my mother always told me that God puts people in your life for a reason. Some stay, while others leave but they’re all important all the same. Well, 20+ years later,  I’m so thankful and blessed to call my best friend, still my best friend.

No matter the date, time, purple green, blue, she is my light at the end of the tunnel. We pray together, we encourage each other, we support each other’s decisions, important or silly, and most of all we are honest with one another and our sisterhood follows all the girl codes most millennials do not. So how is a post about bffs part of parenting and empowerment you say? Well let me introduce you to three sides of me for example that need a best friend.

There is the mother. She is the most important person I am, yet in society and even sometimes among family and friends, the least respected. A best friend adds understanding to situations that involve mothering a growing child, sympathy for days of constant exhaustion, and encouragement to times where others forget to acknowledge how even spending a day not getting food on your clothes is a true mommy accomplishment.

Now let me introduce you to the wife. While being married was something I always dreamed of, being a wife isn’t easy. You are juggling the world on your shoulders, along with compromising with a person you love, who in reality was once a complete stranger. Each stage of marriage is different; some more beautiful and wonderful than before, while others deal in real tragedy and excruciating pain. A married woman needs her best friend to relate to her in ways her spouse cannot, so that she can become more understanding of herself in each situation with her husband. A married woman also needs her bff to remind her of the fun loving person she is, even if there are now joint bank accounts and another person hogging the television.

Lastly let me shine light in on the woman part of my person. As a woman, but not excluding others, simply speaking, as a person you need a bff. A bff who is sincere and genuine like mine will always be there to lend a hand or ten, open space in their heart for you, while allowing nothing but good vibes and love from them to you to enter the world.

Life is hard in so many ways, but with a best friend it can be so much more than that. It can be optimistic, funny, and plain old carefree.

So Remember if you have a best friend like that, one who like mine is more than amazing, thank God for them, and send them at least a random you mean so much to me text. If you don’t pray for the right bff to come your way and in due time God will answer your prayers. He always hears us even if takes him years to give us an answer .. remember God isn’t TMZ fast.

So to my bff . I love you thank you for just simply being you 😘

Wishing you all a blessed night.

Much love,

Belle ❤️