1st time blogger 1st time person

Hi everyone,

I thank you all for bearing with me, as I have yet to complete the look of my blog. I am a first time blogger.. I never thought it would happen, but here I am. My inspiration is and always will be my children, as they are the rhyme and  reason for all I do.

I have a unique story with many experiences that I thought people would like to know, could relate to, or would just find interesting. So now I am advancing my technological skills and once again understanding the wonderful world of social media, as my line of work over the last few years prohibited me to do so.

I know I know, you must be thinking how can someone who hasn’t had social media in a few years, be interesting ? Be informative? Or even be relevant? Well if you are questioning those things, stick around, watch me evolve, and keep an open mind. Then we’ll truly see if my years of not liking every Facebook post, retweeting from my bathroom, or even re pinning recipes from Pinterest I’ll never use, allow me to be an interesting blog candidate..

For years I delved into the social media world, and at times it was very useful. I could find things I’d never think of, keep my mind from thinking about things I didn’t want to, and fill up times I was bored, but then I grew up. I worked, I traveled, I wrote . Then I became more of a grown up when I moved in with my husband, got our fur baby, a golden retriever , who is my first child I always say, and started our family.

Then I became even more of an adult as tragedy struck, as I became pregnant, lost my baby girl, then became pregnant for a second time. The second time around wasn’t easy but this growth allowed me to give birth to my baby boy. He is truly my miracle, as his birth is the true reason why I’m alive and well today .. if he wasn’t born I would have been 6 feet under a long time of go, medically speaking . For him I am blessed, grateful, and ever thankful.

So there you have it, that is my story, and that’s just the surface of it all . I am constantly learning growing and evolving, as most bloggers and people do; I am no different when it comes to that.. However when it comes to life I am more of a see beyond the rose colored glasses while sometimes allowing yourself to put them on, type of person.

With all that said, I challenge you be accepting of yourself, as the world around us sometimes causes us to forget the people we are , but when we figure that out it’s awesome to use the world for good and to share.

Think then do. And sometimes do then think.

I wish you all a peace filled day.

Much love,

Belle ❤️